The Kasi Gawula trio is serving students “a piece of home away from home” – and their kotas, bunny chows and ‘vetkoek’ are a hit! Asanda Zindela and Palesa Mabutla were both students at Stellenbosch University when they realised the need for affordable, delicious and filling meals that reminded them of home. Their food cart at the CoCreate Hub is a whole new direction for these two aspiring entrepreneurs who studied Agriculture Business Management and BSc Life Science respectively, followed by their Post-Graduate Certificates in Education.

Now, they are the owners of Kasi Gawula alongside their mother, Busiswe Zindela. They have always loved cooking and while Kasi Gawula was created initially to raise capital to start a tutoring business, their trading success has inspired them to pass the business on to their mom, Busiswe, to keep it running indefinitely.

They source the ingredients from several shops based on price, freshness and quality. The bunny chow is a chicken liver stew served in a brown bread, whilst their famous ‘kotas’ are similar to burgers in structure. Served in a quarter of a white bread loaf, the toppings include meat, cheese, salad and chips. Asanda is known for her passion, Palesa for her energy, Busiswe for her quick work and efficiency – and together they make a meticulous and enthusiastic team. When a student can study with a full stomach, they know that they have reached their goal!

For the family of entrepreneurs at the CoCreate Hub, it is a joy every day to work alongside the Kasi Gawula team. Their warm personalities, incredible work ethic, compassion and humility aren’t listed on their menu, but are definitely all part and parcel of the Kasi Gawula package.